NOTE: The PG-Seq™ Rapid kit will be available for legacy customers until December 31, 2022. This kit is being replaced by the PG-Seq Rapid kit v2.

PG-Seq™ Rapid Kit for Fast PGT-A Preparation

for Illumina® & Thermo Fisher® Ion Torrent™ Instruments

Learn about the new PG-Seq Rapid kit v2 which incorporates a streamlined PGT-A preparation enabling preimplantation genetic testing using picogram quantities of DNA from an embryo biopsy.

Introducing a new, high-speed sample preparation kit for Preimplantation Genetic Testing for Aneuploidy (PGT-A). The PG-Seq™ Rapid kit accurately detects whole chromosome aneuploidy along with structural rearrangements such as unbalanced translocations and segmental errors in only 3 hours using an efficient, streamlined workflow.

It’s as simple as lyse, whole genome amplify, add indexes and adapters for your choice of sequencing platform with PCR, clean up, quantify, pool, and sequence. Analysis is performed using the PerkinElmer PG-Find™ software. Test resolution is equivalent to the PG-Seq™ kit 2.0, with the ability to detect down to 7 Mb deletions and duplications from up to 48 samples on the Illumina® MiSeq® instrument.

PG-Seq Rapid Kit Protocol

  • NOVA-4326-0010

    96 RXNS

  • NOVA-4327-0010

    96 RXNS
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Example results from 5 cell aliquots of Coriell cell lines GM07189 (47,XY,+15)

Example results from 5 cell aliquots of Coriell cell lines GM07189 (47,XY,+15) (left) and GM09552 (47,XY,+der(21)t(3;21) (p24.1;q21) (right).

Kit Contents


  • PCR-grade H20
  • Cell Lysis Enzyme
  • Cell Lysis Buffer
  • WGA Polymerase
  • WGA PCR Buffer
  • Primer


  • Indexed Primers


  • Purification Beads
  • Resuspension Buffer

Required materials not provided
Pre-PCR Laboratory requirements

  • Laminar flow cabinet
  • Minicentrifuge
  • Pipettes (2, 10, 20, 100, 200, 1000 µl)
  • Cold block (4°C)
  • Thermocycler (with hotlid & programmable ramp rate to 0.2°C/sec)
  • Pipette tips (low binding, barrier filter)
  • PCR thin walled reaction tube with flat cap (0.5 mL or 0.2 mL)
  • Molecular grade tubes (1.5 mL)
  • 96-well plate centrifuge
  • Adhesive 96-well plate seals
  • Vortex

Post-PCR Laboratory requirements

    • Magnetic stand for 96-well plates
    • 96-well plate, to suit Magnetic stand
    • Adhesive 96-well plate seals
    • Absolute ethyl alcohol (EtOH, undenatured) to make 80% ethanol
    • Molecular grade water
    • Ice
    • Thermocycler (with hotlid & programmable ramp rate to 0.2°C/sec)
    • Tris-HCl 200 mM (pH 7.0)
    • PhiX Sequencing Control v3 10nM (cat # FC-110-3001) diluted to 20 pM (Illumina)
    • LabChip® GXII Touch nucleic acid analyzer and associated reagent kit (PerkinElmer)
    • Qubit® fluorometer and associated reagent kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific)
    • Sodium hydroxide 1N


  • Illumina® MiSeq® or MiniSeq® sequencer
  • Illumina® sequencer related consumables
  • Illumina® sequencer reagent kit (select from):
    • Illumina® MiSeq® Reagent Kit v3 (150 cycle, cat # MS-102-3001)
    • Illumina® MiSeq® Reagent Micro Kit v2 (300 cycle, cat # MS-103-1002)
    • Illumina® MiniSeq® High Output Reagent Kit (75 cycles, cat # FC-420-1001)

Optional materials not provided

  • Agarose gel-electrophoresis apparatus
  • Electrophoresis power supply
  • UV transilluminator or gel documentation instrument
  • Multi-channel pipette
  • Multi-channel pipette reagent reservoirs

Publications that Cite Using the PG-Seq Rapid Kit for Preimplantation Genetic Testing

Mai, A. D., Harton, G. L., Quang, V. N., Van, H. N., Thi, N. H., Thuy, N. P., . . . Quoc, Q. T. (2020). Development and clinical application of a preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic disease (PGT-M) for beta thalassemia in VietnamJournal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics. doi:10.1007/s10815-020-02006-y.

The PG-Seq™ Rapid kit comes as a 96-reaction kit. The kit contains a 96-well plate containing 96 uniquely indexed primers, allowing 96 sample throughput if required. Each well contains sufficient volume for single use in column format.

The shelf life of all reagents is 6 months when stored properly at -20°C. Ships on ice packs.

PG-Seq™ Rapid kit for Illumina® NGS – 4326-0010
PG-Seq™ Rapid kit for Thermo Fisher® Ion Torrent™ NGS – 4327-0010

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.