LabChip® Small RNA Assay

Save Time & Money by Automating your Small RNA Analysis

PerkinElmer’s new LabChip® small RNA assay provides a fast and easy way to separate and measure a variety of small RNA samples, ranging in size from 20 to 150 nucleotides (nt), including microRNA (miRNA), small interfering RNA (siRNA), piwi-interacting RNA (piRNA), RNA aptamers, transfer RNA (tRNA) and CRISPR guide RNA (gRNA). Performing small RNA sample analysis with the new small RNA assay saves time and money by automating steps for small RNA sizing and relative abundance. Within a minute, the microfluidic LabChip® capillary electrophoresis technology automatically separates and analyzes small RNA samples. System software automatically analyzes the data and determines fragment size and concentration using an internal ladder and marker calibration standards. Digital data results are immediately available for review or reporting in a virtual gel, electropherogram graph or table summary.

Characterization and QC of Small RNA Molecules and CRISPR/Cas9 gRNA

To ensure the efficacy of small RNA molecules used as therapeutic agents they must be thoroughly analyzed. This can include size-based analysis to validate in-house manufactured small RNAs or externally sourced material and to screen for the presence of chemical modifications or truncations that may affect their properties. The CRISPR/Cas 9 system allows researchers to target and edit specific genes in a precise and directed manner. gRNAs direct the CRISPR/Cas9 complex to target a specific region within a gene.

PerkinElmer’s comprehensive, high-throughput quality control solutions ensure the integrity of gRNAs and small RNA molecules for therapeutic applications. The new LabChip® Small RNA assay assesses the size, purity, and total concentration of these small RNAs in only 45 seconds per sample. With a single reagent prep, 384 samples can be run on one chip, dramatically increasing throughput and productivity.

  •  High assay accuracy and precision: Pre-packaged reagents and standardized assay protocols yield highly accurate and reproducible data
  •  Fast results: Automated analysis within a minute
  • Minimal sample consumption: Only 2 μL of sample required
  • Digital data format: Gel-like image, electropherogram, and tabular formats; automated sample alignment, overlay, scaling and zooming features, conveniently share, store and archive data.
  • Minimal contamination: Uses RNase-free reagents and chips to avoid sample degradation during analysis, automatic wash cycles minimize carry over among samples.
  • High-throughput: LabChip® microchips and reagent kits are designed for multiple measurement up to 2,000 runs that fit modern high-throughput work flows.

The LabChip® small RNA assay is compatible with both the LabChip® GX Touch™ nucleic acid analyzer and the LabChip® GXII Touch™ protein characterization system.

Microfluidic Capillary Electrophoresis Of Small RNA

Figure 1: LabChip® Small RNA workflow diagram. With the new LabChip® small RNA assay, you can measure up to 384 samples of small RNA molecules in one sample preparation.

Electropherogram Distinguishes Size of Small RNA

Figure 2. The LabChip® Small RNA assay automatically measures sizing of small RNA molecules, with good accuracy and precision.

Kit Contents:

  • Small RNA Ladder (CLS153593, 1 vial, storage temperature -70oC)
  • Small RNA dye concentrate (1 vial, storage temperature 2-8oC)
  • Small RNA chip storage buffer (5 vials, storage temperature 2-8oC)
  • Small RNA sample storage buffer (3 vials, storage temperature 2-8oC)
  • Small RNA marker (1 vial, storage temperature 2-8oC)
  • Small RNA gel matrix solution (5 vials, storage temperature 2-8oC)

Key Specifications:

  • Sample volume requirement: ≥ 2 µL
  • Sizing range: 20-150 nt
  • Sizing resolution: 5 nt
  • Sizing Accuracy: ±15.0%
  • Sizing reproducibility: CV < 5.0% or 4 nt
  • Sensitivity: 50 pg/µL (on plate concentration)
  • Concentration linear range: 100 – 10,000 pg/µL, (R2 ≥ 0.98)
  • Concentration reproducibility: CV < 30.0%
  • Chip preps for reagent kit: ≤ 5 HT preps of ≤ 10 LT preps
  • Maximum salt concentration: ≤ 10 mM Tris
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.