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NEXTFLEX® Amplicon Panel Kits

Complete Amplicon Panel Library Prep Kits that Deliver on Performance

As next-gen sequencing (NGS) becomes more and more commonplace due to its unrivaled multiplexing capabilities and potential for molecular discovery, the power of targeted sequencing must be highlighted for its applicability in almost any field of basic, clinical, or translational research. Amplicon panels are the technology of choice for small target panels, typically under 50kb of sequence. No doubt, they are also the least expensive and most versatile option for sequencing, as fewer reads are required and different strategies can be employed to tackle the resolution of difficult genomic regions, such as those that are highly AT-rich, GC-rich, or possess paralogues or pseudogenes that may be masking the actual gene of interest. Proper amplicon panel design and tactics are needed to ensure high coverage, uniformity, and specificity to assure complete coverage of the sequence without gaps in the intended target regions, as well as to minimize off-target reads, which can be a problem in other sequencing approaches.

  • 100% coverage of exons, flanking intron-exon boundaries, and other regions

  • High uniformity and on-target reads

  • Up to 384 unique barcodes allowing for high multiplexing capabilities

  • Low input requirements for gDNA from fresh or frozen tissues

  • Simple workflow and < 3 hours hands-on time

As amplicon sequencing is based on ultra-deep sequencing of PCR products for analyzing genetic variations, the technical design and performance of an amplicon-based assay must allow researchers to focus on the interrogation of key genomic regions of interest using a simple workflow and dependable chemistry. The NEXTFLEX® amplicon panels allow researchers to sequence large numbers of targeted gene regions for the analysis of mutational hot spots within a subset of genes, and gain insight into copy number variations (CNVs), well-defined gene fusions, SNPs or indels.

NEXTFLEX® amplicon panel technology boasts high levels of uniformity with no amplicon drop outs, essentially creating a gap guard for your target region which is verified by sequencing. Primers are designed to have high levels of specificity and minimize reads lost to non-alignment that may be caused by primer dimers, adapter dimers, or unaligned low quality and/or chimeric reads. High coverage is attained even with a low number of reads, thereby allowing high level multiplexing or the use of a smaller sequencing cartridge. The NEXTFLEX® amplicon panels are easily scalable, simple to use, fast, and cost-effective kits which can be applied to a broad range of genes.

The pre-designed NEXTFLEX® amplicon panels cater to the needs of researchers investigating cancer & cancer predisposition, newborn syndromes, and inherited disorders using low inputs of gDNA. All pre-designed panels have been performance-tested by sequencing on Illumina® Miseq® instruments.

Furthermore, the NEXTFLEX® amplicon panel technology can be optimized for researchers interested in custom panel design and collaboration. The contact form can be found below.

Kits are comprised of target-specific primer pools, library prep reagents, including beads, and barcodes for up to 384 samples for Illumina® sequencers. The kit contains enough material to prepare 8, 48, or 96 samples and has a shelf life of 12 months when stored properly.


NEXTFLEX Amplicon Panels for Cancer & Cancer Predisposition

Cancer & Cancer Predisposition Panel

Explore our oncology panel offerings and associated genes. Read more details about our popular panel for breast cancer.

Breast cancer is the second most common cancer diagnosed in women in the US after skin cancer, and despite the decline in deaths, it remains the second leading cause of death among women overall according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Breast cancer gene 1 and 2 (BRCA1 and BRCA2) are tumor suppressor genes that play an important role in DNA repair and cell cycle control. Together, BRCA1 and BRCA2 mutations account for around 25% of hereditary breast cancers and 10-15% of all breast cancers. Its relevance in increasing the risk of breast cancer and ovarian cancer is also well known. Over 35% of women with breast cancer history meet genetic testing eligibility criteria, and advocacy groups are leading the charge in providing the support needed to increase awareness and provide research funding that ultimately helps empower individuals to better understand the disease.

The accumulation of somatic mutations in BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes has been observed to occur during tumor development. To support clinical research efforts surrounding BRCA and other associated genes, PerkinElmer offers a variety of solutions. The NEXTFLEX® BRCA 1/2 core panel helps interrogate all coding exons of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes with 100% uniformity at 0.2x coverage for both germline and somatic mutations. Expanding on this core panel, the NEXTFLEX® BRCA1/2 plus-1 panel adds all PALB2 and CHECK2 exons with 98% uniformity at 0.2x coverage and 100% uniformity at greater than 0.1x coverage.

NEXTFLEX® Amplicon PanelsGenes Covered

Custom Amplicon Panels

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    NEXTFLEX Amplicon Panels for Inherited diseases and newborn syndromes

    Cystic Fibrosis Panel

    Check out the NEXTFLEX® Cystic Fibrosis Amplicon Panel, a complete, validated solution that targets 28 exons in the CFTR locus using 61 PCR primer pairs.

    Cystic fibrosis (CF) is the most common fatal hereditary lung disease, affecting ~70,000 individuals worldwide. As a result of a deletion of the amino acid phenylalanine (F508) in the interior of the cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator (CFTR), chloride flow becomes hindered and a thick layer of mucus develops across the exterior of the lungs and pancreas, in most cases leading to decreased life expectancy and male sterility. In addition to the F508 deletion, over 1900 separate mutations spanning the intronic and promoter regions bordering the CFTR gene have known or suspected molecular consequences ranging from defective channel synthesis, altered ion gating and conductance, to reduced protein expression1,2,5.

    The NEXTFLEX® cystic fibrosis amplicon panel facilitates variant interrogation of 28 coding exons, 1 promoter region, and 3 deep intron regions of the CFTR genes, and exhibits greater than 98% uniformity at >0.2x mean coverage and 100% uniformity at >0.1x mean coverage.

    Community Panels

    View below a select list of available community amplicon panels as well as the genes that they cover.

    Amplicon Panels for use with Genomic DNAGenes Covered
     Autism Spectrum DisordersPDE8B, EN2, NLGN4X, CDKL5, NLGN3, MECP2, RPL10
    BRCA1/2 Plus-1BRCA1, BRCA2, PALB2, CHEK2
    Colorectal Cancer -1MLH1, MSH2
    Colorectal Cancer-2MSH6, PMS2
    Congenital Adrenal HyperplasiaCYP21A2
    Congenital HyperinsulismABCC8, GLUD1, KCNJ11, GCK, HADH, HNF4A, INS, INSR, PDX1, SLC16A1 & UCP2
    CVD22 hot spots for cardiovascular disease: MTHFR, F5, AGT, APOB, AGTR1, FGB, F13A1, LTA, SERPINE1, NOS3, JAK2, F2, ITGB3, APOE, PROCR, CBS
    Cystic FibrosisCFTR
    Duchenne Muscular DystrophyDMD
    Epilepsy-2SCN2A, SCN9A
    Female InfertilityFSHB, FSHR, LHB, LHCGR
    HBOC-2PALB2, BARD1, TP53
    Lysosomal Storage DiseasesSUMF1, GLB1, IDUA, ARSB, GUSB, SMPD1, GALC, GALNS, GAA, GLA, IDS
    Male InfertilityAR, CATSPER1, CFTR, FSHR, LHCGR
    Marfan SyndromeFBN1
    Mediterranean FeverMEFV
    MyeloidSelected CDS from 21 genes 
    Nephrotic Syndrome-1NPSH1, NPSH2, WT1
    Nephrotic Syndrome-2ARHGDIA, DGKE, LAMB2, PLCE1
    NeurofibromatosisNF1, NF2
    Neuronal Ceroid LipofuscinosesCLN3, CLN5, CLN6, CLN8, CTSD, MFSD8, PPT1, TPP1
    Obesity-1LEP, LEPR, POMC, MC4R
    Obesity-2KSR2, SH2B1, SIM1
    Periodic Fever-1TNFRSF1A, NLRP3, MVK
    Periodic Fever-2ELANE, LPIN2, PSTPIP1
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    For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.