NEXTFLEX® UDI Barcodes (1-1,536) for Ultra High-Throughput Multiplexing

  • Sets of 384 UDI barcodes for multiplexing NGS libraries compatible with Illumina® sequencers
  • Up to 1,536 (10-nt) adapters available for purchase off-the-shelf
  • Every lot is functionally validated and tested for index purity by sequencing
  • NEXTFLEX® Universal Blockers compatible with the NEXTFLEX® UDI Barcodes (1-1,536) are now available
Variant-Seq Kit
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • NOVA-534100

    BARCODES 1-1,536
    3,072 rxns

  • NOVA-534101

    BARCODES 1-384
    768 rxns

  • NOVA-534102

    BARCODES 385-768
    768 rxns

  • NOVA-534103

    BARCODES 769-1152
    768 rxns

  • NOVA-534104

    BARCODES 1153-1536
    768 rxns

Highest Sample Multiplexing Options for Illumina® Sequencers

The superior design of the NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcodes allow a broad range of multiplexing – users can multiplex anywhere between two samples and 1,536 samples in a single sequencing run. The wide range of multiplexing options enables barcode rotation (avoiding frequent use of the same barcode set) to mitigate run-to-run sample carryover and crosstalk. NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcodes are compatible with NEXTFLEX® library prep kits designed for paired-end and single-read sequencing, or other workflows for Illumina® sequencers that involve the ligation of adapters to adenylated fragments.

Highest Level of Data Integrity

The NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcodes utilize two unique indexes on each UDI adapter, with a hamming distance of at least three throughout the entire series to permit error correction. Each NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcode comprises the entire flow cell binding site, sequencing primer binding site and index sequences, thereby making PCR enrichment optional. Patterned flow cells, such as those found on the Illumina® NovaSeq®, HiSeq® 3000/4000, and HiSeq® X platforms, have been known to suffer from increased rates of sample mis-assignment during sequencing. The use of adapters with unique dual indices improves data integrity by correctly removing mis-assigned reads. Every lot is functionally validated and tested for index purity by sequencing.

Don’t Allow Barcodes to be a Bottleneck in your Illumina® Sequencing Workflow

Get more out of your Illumina NovaSeq sequencer

Get the most out of your Illumina® Sequencer with 1,536 NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcodes