NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index Barcodes

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • NOVA-512920

    BARCODES 1-96
    192 rxns

  • NOVA-512921

    BARCODES 97-192
    192 rxns

  • NOVA-512922

    BARCODES 193-288
    192 rxns

  • NOVA-512923

    BARCODES 289-384
    192 rxns

Ready-to-Go UDI Barcodes for RNA-Seq Applications

The NEXTFLEX® RNA-seq 2.0 UDI barcodes (up to 384) are barcoded adapters that offer robust multiplexing capabilities for RNA-seq on Illumina® platforms. These barcodes (8-nt index) are conveniently plated at 6.25 µM stock concentration to be used with the NEXTFLEX® Rapid Directional RNA-Seq kit 2.0 and the CRISPRclean® Plus Stranded Total RNA Prep with rRNA Depletion.

For labs who want greater multiplexing capacity, PerkinElmer also offers a set of 1,536 RNA-seq 2.0 UDI barcodes.

Are you looking for UDI adapters for DNA-seq applications? We have a set of 1536 UDI adapters for those looking for ultra high-throughput multiplexing for their DNA libraries as well.

Optimized to Improve Data Integrity

The NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index barcodes contain two unique indexes on each adapter, with a hamming distance of at least three throughout the entire series, to allow error correction. The NEXTFLEX® Unique Dual Index RNA-seq barcodes can be used for PCR-free RNA sequencing applications. Patterned flow cells found on the Illumina® NovaSeq®, HiSeq® 3000/4000, and HiSeq® X platforms suffer from increased rates of sample mis-assignment during sequencing. The use of adapters with unique dual indices during sequencing prevents such mis-assigned reads from appearing in final data sets, allowing for the highest assurance of data integrity. Every lot is functionally validated and tested for index purity by sequencing.