NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes

  • Up to 24 methylated adapters for multiplexing Illumina® RRBS and WGBS libraries are available
  • Considerably reduce your per-sample sequencing cost by barcoded multiplexing
  • Increase your sequencing scale by pooling samples on a single flow cell
  • Compatible with bisulfite-sequencing on the Illumina® sequencing platforms
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

  • NOVA-511911


    6 BARCODES | 48 RXNS

  • NOVA-511912


    12 BARCODES | 96 RXNS

  • NOVA-511913


    24 BARCODES | 192 RXNS

Pool Multiple Library Preparations in a Single Flow Cell Lane

The NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes are designed to be used with the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Kit. Unlike other NEXTFLEX® Barcodes, the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes are methylated. The NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes can be used to provide flexibility and high-throughput capabilities in sequencing applications. They significantly increase scale while reducing costs by allowing the user to pool multiple library preparations in a single flow cell lane. The NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes kits accomplish this by using an indexed adapter with a 6 nt unique sequence. This allows for proper differentiation between samples, preventing poor reads from single base errors introduced during PCR.

These methylated adapters can be used with single, paired-end and multiplex reads.


  • NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Adapters (25 µM)
  • NEXTFLEX® Primer Mix (12.5 µM)





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Are the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes methylated?
Yes they are methylated. Methylated barcodes are required for both WGBS and RRBS bisulfite-seq applications.

With which kits can the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes be used?
The NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes were designed to be used with the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Kit; however, they are compatible with other bisulfite-seq library prep methods and most other DNA-seq applications compatible with Illumina® sequencing platforms. They are not compatible with MeDIP and MeCAP applications, as these protocols require the use of unmethylated barcodes.

At what concentration are the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes supplied?
They are supplied at a 25 µM concentration.

Are the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes supplied with PCR primers?
Yes they are. If you need additional PCR primers, they are available in 48, 96, 100, 192, 384 and 768 reaction sizes at a cost of $1/reaction. These are supplied at a concentration of 12.5 µM.

Are the sequences of the indexes used in the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes available?
Yes. A PDF containing the indexes within the NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes can be downloaded here.

The NEXTFLEX® Bisulfite-Seq Barcodes Kits contain 6, 12 or 24 unique barcodes, enabling the user to multiplex up to 24 samples per flow cell lane. These kits ship on dry ice.