NEXTFLEX Barcoded Adapters and Blockers for NGS Multiplexing

PerkinElmer offers a complete line of validated NEXTFLEX® NGS barcodes for multiplexing libraries for both Illumina® and Thermo Fisher® Ion Torrent sequencers. These barcode sets are designed to give flexibility to researchers and are supplied at concentrations ideal for various applications including DNA-seq, RNA-seq, and ChIP-seq library prep. While they are designed to work with our optimized NEXTFLEX® library prep kits, they are compatible with a broad range of other NGS library prep methods. The sequences of the indexes can be downloaded from the individual barcode product pages.

These barcodes are ideal for DNA library prep applications when starting with 10 ng or more of starting material.

These blockers are compatible with all NEXTFLEX® barcodes and all other ligation-based and tagmentation-based workflows for Illumina® sequencers

These barcodes are ideal for ChIP-Seq or genomic DNA library prep applications when starting with less than 10 ng of starting material.

These barcodes are ideal for RNA-Seq library prep applications.

These barcodes are methylated for bisulfite-seq library prep applications.

These adapters are ideal for genomic DNA or ChIP-Seq multiplexing applications on Ion Torrent sequencing platforms.

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.