NEXTFLEX® RiboNaut rRNA Depletion Kit (Human / Mouse / Rat)

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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The NEXTFLEX® RiboNaut Kit Ensures Effective rRNA Depletion using Hybridization Technology

The NEXTFLEX® RiboNaut rRNA depletion kit (human / mouse / rat) is an effective method to remove rRNA contamination while enabling labs to interrogate additional RNA species in a sample, not only limited to intact mRNAs. The kit utilizes subtractive hybridization technology consisting of a mixture of biotinylated oligos complementary to rRNAs to pull them out of the sample using streptavidin-coated magnetic beads. The kit has been optimized for use with 5 ng – 1 µg of total RNA as starting material to deplete cytoplasmic and mitochondrial rRNAs. The kit has been verified to be compatible with human, mouse and rat, and it may be compatible with other mammalian species.

1 µg of Universal Human Reference RNA after rRNA depletion

Figure 1: Example of 1 µg of Universal Human Reference RNA (Agilent® #740000) after rRNA depletion. 1 µL of rRNA-depleted RNA was run on the LabChip® GXII Touch HT instrument using the RNA Pico Assay Reagent Kit (# CLS960012) and a DNA/RNA/Charge Variant Assay (# 760435).

Optimized to Produce Robust Performance Data from Total RNA Samples

The NEXTFLEX® RiboNaut rRNA Depletion kit (human / mouse / rat) shows robust performance data using total RNA samples for gene coverage along a transcript, duplication rate, directionality, and rRNA contamination. Prior to rRNA depletion and subsequent RNA-seq, qualification of total RNA integrity using the LabChip® GXII Touch HT instrument.

See data tab below for performance of rRNA-depleted libraries using the NEXTFLEX® Rapid Directional RNA-Seq kit 2.0 kit and NEXTFLEX® RiboNaut rRNA depletion kit.

As an alternative mRNA-Seq solution for intact poly(A)-tailed mRNA species, PerkinElmer offers the NEXTFLEX® Poly(A) Beads 2.0 for use NEXTFLEX® Rapid Directional RNA-Seq kit 2.0 or other applications.