For Illumina® Platforms

RNA Library Prep for Illumina® Sequencing

NEXTFLEX® Rapid Directional RNA-Seq Kits enable:

  • Transcriptome analysis
  • Absolute RNA quantitation using Molecular Indexing
  • Strand specificity

The NEXTFLEX® Rapid Directional RNA-Seq Kits are ideal for construction of Illumina® RNA libraries for transcriptome analysis. Our full range of RNA-Seq library preparation kits, provides options for traditional RNA-Seq library prep, directional RNA-Seq, as well as molecular indexing for precise gene expression measurements. All kits have been functionally validated on the Illumina® sequencing platforms.

To couple with transcriptome sequencing, the NEXTFLEX® small RNA-seq reagents allow users miRNA discovery from the same total RNA inputs.

PerkinElmer has developed protocols for liquid handlers to make it easier for you to automate your RNA library prep. Find out how to reduce your hands-on time and minimize errors with solutions for library prep automation.

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.