NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq Kit for Illumina® Platforms

  • Fully automated normalization & fragmentation
  • Enzymatic fragmentation with end-repair and A-tailing in one reaction
  • Highly efficient ligation with low adapter dimer formation
  • Efficient: Automated on the Sciclone® and Zephyr® NGS workstations for mid-high throughput automation and now on the BioQule™ NGS System for low throughput labs
  • Up to 1,536 UDI Barcodes available for multiplexing

The new NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-seq kit includes proprietary NEXTFLEX® normalization beads, which provide a consistent mass and sequencing cluster density for all samples in a library pool. This shortens the time needed for quantification and pooling preparation for sequencing in a high throughput lab by up to 3 hours per 96 samples.

Automation on the BioQule NGS System
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
Streamlined DNA-seq library prep workflow


  • NOVA-5149-21

    8 RXNS

  • NOVA-5149-22

    48 RXNS

  • NOVA-5149-23

    96 RXNS

  • NOVA-5149-503

    8 RXNS

Highly Efficient Ligation with Low Adapter Formation

The NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-seq kit offers a streamlined workflow with highly efficient ligation, generating low amount of adapter dimers even at low input concentrations.

reduced dimer formation DNA-seq libraries
Figure 1. Low dimer formation with NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq kit. Different library replicates were prepared using either 500 pg (A) or 1 ng (B) of high-quality genomic DNA as input. Adapter dimer should appear as a peak at ~150 bp.
Reduced GC bias with DNA-seq libraries
Figure 2. Analysis of GC bias from libraries obtained with NEXTFLEX Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq kit. Results show minimal variability in normalized coverage across 20-60% GC content encompassing ~95% of the human genome (Right: red bars). These are consistent across 1-750ng of genomic DNA input.

Simplify Library Construction with NEXTFLEX® Normalization Beads

Simplified DNA-seq workflow with normalization beads

Flexible Multiplexing Options with 1,536 Barcodes Available for High-Throughput Multiplexing

Barcodes are not supplied with the NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP DNA-seq kit v2 and need to be purchased separately. We offer 384 color-balanced NEXTFLEX® UDI adapters that improve multiplexing capabilities for both low-level and high-level multiplexing needs. Additionally, a set of 1,536 NEXTFLEX® UDI adapters which are compatible with the NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP DNA-seq kit v2 are now available for ultra high-throughput applications.

For more information about barcode options compatible with the NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP DNA-seq kit v2 and bundled pricing, please contact [email protected].

Automation Compatibility

The NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq kit is compatible with multiple liquid handlers, including the Sciclone® G3 NGSx workstation, Sciclone® G3 NGSx iQ workstation, and Zephyr® NGS workstation.

For low throughput automation, the NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-Seq kit is also now automated on the BioQule™ NGS System which simplifies both library prep AND quantitation. This low-cost, benchtop instrument delivers libraries ready to load into your sequencer with only 15 minutes of hands-on time. The kit developed for BioQule™ NGS System does not include normalization beads but the instrument quantifies each library before completion of the workflow.

For more information, or to obtain a program, contact [email protected].

For larger volume requirements, customization and bulk packaging is available. For increased flexibility, individual reagents (non-master mixed) are also available. Please contact [email protected] for further information.