for Illumina® Sequencing Platforms

NGS Library Prep Kits for Illumina® Sequencers

High-quality library preparation is a critical step in next-generation sequencing (NGS). We provide a complete portfolio of NGS library preparation kits and barcodes designed to increase the sensitivity, flexibility, and speed of library prep for Illumina® sequencing platforms. We have focused our attention on increasing enzymatic efficiency in our next generation sequencing library prep kits to cater to the customer’s need for a cost effective solution to achieve robust, reproducible, high-quality sequencing results every time.

Completely automated versions of our library prep kits are available for high throughput needs while manual versions cater to the needs of lower throughput users. To meet the demands of high-throughput customers, NEXTFLEX® reagents can also be supplied in bulk quantities and custom formats.

/////  Our library prep kits are optimized to simplify the following applications:

  • NGS Adapters | Barcoded adapters for all of your NGS multiplexing needs

  • Small RNA-Seq  |  Gene silencing and post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression can be investigated by small RNA-seq, which allows for the profiling of all of the small RNA and miRNA present in samples

  • Single Cell RNA-Seq  | Expand the possibilities for your single cell RNA-seq with the HIVE CLX™ scRNAseq Solution, enabling multi-site collection.

  • RNA-Seq  |  Profiling for the analysis of the expression level of RNAs in a given cell or population of cells

  • DNA-Seq  |  Library prep kits for whole genome sequencing and kits

  • Targeted Sequencing  |  Targeted resequencing for a highly targeted approach that analyzes specific genomic regions

  • 16S and 18S rRNA Sequencing  |  16S and 18S ITS rRNA sequencing used to identify and compare bacteria or fungi present within an environmental sample.

  • Whole Genome Amplification  | Amplification of DNA from single cells and other limited DNA templates for NGS and other applications

  • Preimplantation Genetic Testing  |  Aneuploidy detection of preimplantation embryos

Advancing Agricultural Genomics with Low-Cost NGS Genotyping


NEXTFLEX Small RNA-Seq with UDIs

Enhanced Data Security with UDIs to Propel your Small RNA Sequencing Applications

The NEXTFLEX® small RNA-seq kit v4 incorporates a new dimension of data quality, integrity, and accuracy to offer a complete gel-free solution that is automated on the our liquid handlers. The UDI barcoded primers allow users to confidently increase their multiplexing capacity on the Illumina® MiSeq®, HiSeq® 2000/2500, and NovaSeq® platforms for small RNA sequencing applications.

Rapid DNA-Seq XP

Completely Automate Your DNA-seq Library Prep + Normalization – Saving Time and Money

Streamline your DNA-seq library prep and eliminate the costs and time required for library quantitation and normalization. The NEXTFLEX® Rapid XP V2 DNA-seq kit delivers libraries that are ready to be placed on the Illumina® sequencing platform of your choice, by leveraging proprietary NEXTFLEX® normalization beads, which provide a consistent mass and sequencing cluster density for all samples in a library pool. This shortens the time needed for quantification and pooling preparation for sequencing in a high throughput lab by up to 3 hours per 96 samples.

RHS Technology: DOPlify® Kit

Do You Have Limited Template? Start your Library Prep with the Right DNA Amplification

Genomic analysis platforms require at least 1 ng of DNA and single cells contain only 6 pg of genomic DNA. Whole genome amplification is used to replicate the complete genome to generate sufficient DNA for analysis. The accurate interpretation of single cell data relies on the ability of the whole genome amplification to comprehensively and reliably amplify the genome. The DOPlify® kit v2 has been optimized specifically for single cell whole genome amplification. The kit is suited not just to single cells but to any low template sample, including cell free DNA and small numbers of cells.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.