Twister® III Robotic Arm

The Twister® III robotic arm offers the ability to stack up to 240 plates and is ideal for smaller, bench top workstations. Its stacking format makes it easier and more efficient to load either plates or tip boxes. It is a cost effective solution for bench top automation.
  • Standard stacking cassettes
  • Offers limited random access

Speed: ~ 100 mm/s
Cycle time (pick and place): 20-30 sec (for stacking approach)
Reach: 572 mm | 22.5 in
Z axis: 552 mm | 21.7 in
60 plates SBS standard with lid (3 stacks) / 150 plates (6 stacks)  / 240 plates (9 stacks)

Selected Citations that Reference the Use of the Twister® III robotic arm:

  • Barros, A., Ly, V., Christopher, L., Marathe, P., & Iyer, R. (2019, July). A High Capacity and High Throughput Automated Method for the Generation of Radio-Profiling Data to Support ADME Studies. 12th International ISSX Meeting, Portland, OR.
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.