Our custom explorer™ G3 integrated workstations can be made from two different types of modules. These modules allow different workstations to be built depending on your space requirements and the types and number of devices that need to be integrated into the system.

Vertical Lab Integration

The vertical integration concept delivers a compact footprint of the explorerG3 workstation. The instruments can be integrated on multiple levels, but at the same time ensures easy accessibility of all instruments. This enables efficient use of precious laboratory space, but at the same time ensures easy accessibility of all instruments. Large instruments or instruments that require daily attention like the JANUS® G3 workstation or an incubator can be placed on the upper deck. Smaller instruments or instruments that do not require manual attention like shakers or centrifuges can be placed on the lower deck. The ground floor is reserved for auxiliary components like PCs, waste bins and large reagent bottles.

  • Workstation Modules
  • Workstation Modules
  • Workstation Modules

iX™ Workstation

The flexible iX™ robot tables and iX™ workstation tables allow for the creation of workstations of different sizes and shapes. Starting with the base configurations shown on the right the iX™ workstation can accommodate challenging space situations as well as instrument specific or operational requirements. Being assembled from common modules, explorer™ G3 workstation can grow and customized to serve your exact needs. 

Dimensions-Base Configurations
iX 15 Rectangular: 1320 X 1440 mm
Linear: 1980 X 800 mm
iX 20 Rectangular: 2260 X 1320 mm
Linear: 3300 X 800 mm
iX 30 Rectangular: 2260 X 2100 mm
Linear: 3960 X 1460
iX 40 Rectangular: 2260 X 2400 mm
Custom Please see proposed System Layout

explorer G3 workstation iX™ 15 table

explorer G3 workstation iX™ 30 table

explorer G3 workstation iX™ 20 table

explorer G3 workstation iX™ 40 table


We has a long track record providing enclosed workstations for cellular screening and cell culturing applications. All system enclosures are custom designed to support application and operational needs.

They are made of powder coated aluminum profiles. All windows are made from plexiglass (of customizable color and tint). All doors have locks. They incorporate a HEPA fan filter unit as well as interior LED lights with an option to mount color filters to support specific applications.

  • Lab Automation
  • Lab Automation
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.