PKeye Mobile Operations Monitor

PKeye Mobile Operations Monitor

The PKeye mobile operations monitor will provide researchers with around the clock access to their automated liquid handling workstation through integration of on-deck cameras with the PKeye cloud based platform. From an office, a conference room, or even from the comfort of home, PKeye™ mobile operations monitor will facilitate visual monitoring of a JANUS® G3, Sciclone® G3, or Zephyr® G3 workstations. More than ever before, researchers will feel comfortable running instrumentation unattended, enhancing laboratory productivity and throughput.

While running library preparation workflows, manual touchpoints are necessary when using an instrument without complete walk-away automation. The PKeye™ mobile operations monitor will remotely notify you of upcoming manual touchpoints, allowing you to work more efficiently on your other laboratory work.

When errors occur, recovery measures must be taken promptly to ensure sample integrity. With the goal of providing walkaway automation for high-throughput genomics and drug discovery workflows, PerkinElmer is designing the PKeye™ app to notify researchers of errors, regardless of their proximity to the workstation. Researchers will be able to focus their attention on more valuable intellectual contributions in their lab such as analyzing data or designing their next experiment instead of overseeing their automated workstation.

  • Receive instrument error notification remotely

  • Access recorded videos to review past errors

  • Locally store full run footage for future troubleshooting

The PKeye mobile operations monitor incorporates on-deck cameras with the JANUS® G3 PCR and the JANUS® G3 Primary Sample Reformatter workstation to also provide two distinct benefits for labs allowing them to increase the throughput and consistency of their SARS-CoV-2 testing workflow:

  • Instrument error reports and video
  • End-of-run notifications

Learn how the PKeye mobile operations monitor can help you increase the throughput and consistency of your SARS-CoV-2 testing workflow.

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Functionality of the PKeye™ mobile operation monitor.

Figure 1. Functionality of the PKeye mobile operations monitor.
When the monitoring system is active, cameras inside the Sciclone® G3 NGSx Workstation will record the automated processing of samples. The PKeye control computer will continuously monitor log files and captures video of your automated workstation.

When an error occurs, the PKeye control computer will permanently save the most recent 30 to 60 seconds of live video so that it can be accessed remotely through the PKeye cloud based platform. Text messages from the PKeye cloud based platform to subscribed cellular devices will notify researchers of any errors documented in a log file.

The PKeye cloud based platform will offer remote access to recorded video files of the liquid handler managed by the PKeye control computer. Additionally, recorded video files of the entire run can be stored on a local network drive.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.