The JANUS® workstation is a highly precise and reliable liquid handling workstation that can be used across various research and clinical workflows including:

  • Clinical primary sample reformatting and preparation
  • QPCR plate prep
  • NGS library construction
  • Small molecule analysis
  • Proteomics
  • Cell culture

In support of these workflows, the JANUS® workstation is compatible with a wide range of consumables. From disposable tips to microplates and reagent troughs, PerkinElmer provides high quality consumables to meet your liquid handling needs.

Plastic Tips

The types of plastic tips that are used have four distinct properties:

Filter: Filter pipette tips uses a membrane to provide a filter which functions as a barrier between the pipetting head and the liquid it is aspirating and dispensing. These tips use a robust manufacturing process and multiple quality inspections to ensure proper tip quality and filter placement. This ensure no cross-contamination through aerosols between samples, reduces aerosol intake to the workstation and are ideal for qPCR and other sensitive applications.

Sterile: Sterile pipette tips are made from medical grade 100% virgin polypropylene and have been sterilized using irradiation to the current regulatory maximum of 10-6 SAL. This is equivalent to the sterility assurance level (SAL) required by the medical device industry and ensures a product free from the following contaminants: bioburden, human DNA, DNase and RNase. This eliminates any contamination and these tips are primarily used for most cell culture applications.

Conductive: Conductive pipette tips are manufactured with a small amount of graphite along with the polypropylene to enable an electric current in the tips. The graphite is inspected to ensure a proper conductivity of 1-25 kOhms before the tips are manufactured. These conductive tips allow the JANUS® workstation to detect the surface of liquids and pipette from a defined depth relative to the surface of the liquid.

Wide Bore: Wide bore pipette tips have a distinct wide shape at the end of the pipette tip. This enables the JANUS® workstation to aspirate and dispense liquid in a gentler manner and are designed for more viscous materials like the buffy coat of fractionated blood. These tips are polished with precision tools to reduce the sheer resulting in minimal liquid retention and reduces the molecular distortion in sample aspiration. These tips are ideal for working with cellular matrices, genomic DNA and other viscous sample types.

VariSpan™ Tips

The VariSpan™ arm is used to aspirate and dispense liquids from tubes to vials and plates. The tips below are used with this VariSpan™ arm and have a dynamic volume range from 0.5 µL to 5000 µL.

Part Number Maximum Volume Tips qty Filter Sterile Conductive Wide-Bore
6902016 5 mL 240 Y Y Y N
6001602 1000 µL 3840 Y Y Y N
6001258 1000 µL 2304 Y N Y N
6000655 1000 µL 960 N N Y N
6001609 1000 µL 2304 N N Y Y
6001256 900 µL 960 Y Y Y N
6001200 900 µL 960 Y Y Y Y
6001250 200 µL 960 N Y Y N
6001610 200 µL 5760 Y Y Y N
6000687 175 µL 960 Y Y Y N
6001603 50 µL 5760 Y Y Y N
6001264 50 µL 960 N N Y N
6000691 25 µL 960 Y Y Y N
6000679 20 µL 960 N N Y N

Modular Dispense Technology (MDT) Head Tips

The MDT head is used for precision pipetting 96, 384 or 1536-channels at a time. This is ideal for high-throughput bead-based clean-ups and NGS sample transfers in 96, 384 or 1536 microplates. Each head can be automatically switched within an automated protocol on the JANUS® workstation and enables true walk-away automation.

Part Number Volume Range Filter Sterile Conductive 96 or 384 well plate
6001295 5-235 µL N N N/A 96
6001289 5-235 µL Y Y N/A 96
6001293 0.5 to 50 µL N N N/A 96
6001302 0.5 to 50 µL Y Y N/A 96
6001286 0.5 to 30 µL N N N/A 384
6001299 0.5 to 30 µL Y Y N/A 384
6001304 0.5 to 30 µL N Y N/A 384
6001291 0.5 to 20 µL N Y N/A 96


The JANUS® workstation is designed to work with SBS format labware. Widely utilized plates on JANUS® workstation include:

  • Deepwell microplates: Storing large volumes and for washing steps
  • U-bottom microplates: General use
  • V-bottom microplates Reduces dead volume in pipetting steps
  • PCR plates: Preparing PCR plates for NGS libraries
  • Reagent Troughs: Storing large volumes of essential reagents

PerkinElmer Plates Include:

Part Number Description
6008910 HardShell PCR Plate, 384 wells, Blue, case of 50
6008730 Polypropylene reservoir, V-Bottom, 287mL
6008710 Polypropylene 4-column reservoir plate, 4 column, 73mL/column, V-bottom
6008900 1mL, deepwell 96 well plate, circle well, U-BOTTOM
6008870 96-well Hardshell PCR plates, full skirt
6008299 450 µL StorPlates 96 V-bottom
6000030 Universal Clear Lids
6008880 2mL Deepwell 96 well plate, square well, pyramid-shaped bottom

450 µL StorPlates 96 V-bottom

2mL Deepwell 96 well plate, Square well, Pyramid-shaped bottom

HardShell PCR Plate, 384 wells, Blue, case of 50

1mL, Deepwell 96 well plate, Circle well, U-bottom

PerkinElmer Reagent Troughs Include:

Part Number Description Quantity
6000661 Reagent Troughs Double 25 mL 25
6000662 Reagent Troughs Double 25 mL 50
6000663 Reagent Troughs 150 mL 25
6000664 Reagent Troughs 150 mL 50
6008103 Reagent Troughs 60 mL 25
6008104 Reagent Troughs 60 mL 50
6000665 Reagent Trough Starter Package (2 x Reagent Troughs 150 mL, 2 x Reagent Lid, 2 x Reagent Troughs 25 mL) 1

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.