JANUS® G3 Blood iQ Workstation

We understand that centralized biobanking facilities face demanding challenges to setup an efficient and scalable workflow for storage and processing of biological specimens. These challenges include: the blood fractionation process, quality control, and sample preparation for genetic analysis. The new JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation is the first step in a seamless, efficient, and traceable workflow for the genetic analysis of cfDNA, cfRNA, and genomic DNA from fractionated blood.

The JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation is compatible with a wide range of consumables. From disposable tips to microplates and reagent troughs, we provide high quality consumables to meet your liquid handling needs.
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Premium Biobanking Solution

The JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation is the premium biobanking solution for unattended automation of any blood fractionation workflow. To create this solution, the JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation combines:

  • Deep-learning imaging
  • Highly reproducible liquid transfer technology
  • Downstream gripper
  • Deck capacity
  • Out-of-the-box protocols


cfDNA cfRNA workflow

Blood Layer Detection
Proprietary imaging technology allows the JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation to precisely identify plasma and buffy coat layers in centrifuged blood tubes. This imaging technology is driven by a deep-learning imaging model that precisely identifies layers and calculates volumes based on the layer height and tube geometries. This technology captures the following variables:

1. Blood vial barcodes
2. Plasma height
3. Plasma volume
4. Buffy coat height
5. Buffy coat volume

This vital information is stored in a CSV file that can be seamlessly integrated with laboratory information management systems. The JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation provides users with a notification to recover their samples if these variables do not meet the user-assigned target volume.

JANUS® G3 VariSpan Technology: Precision Pipetting for cfDNA & gDNA Analysis
The JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation comes with an 8-channel VariSpan™ Pipetting module which enables industry leading accuracy and precision variable pipetting.

Downstream Extraction: Integrated Gripper and Deck Capacity
The JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation is equipped with generous deck capacity and an integrated gripper to fully automate downstream workflows such as magnetic-bead based nucleic acid extraction. This instrument can further prepare wash and elution plates for nucleic acid extraction platforms such as the chemagic 360 instrument. The chemagic™ 360 instrument delivers flexibility in sample volume (10 μl – 10 ml), sample material, and throughput (96-4,000 samples/day).

Out of the Box Protocols
We specialize in push-button protocols for automation of blood fractionation. At launch, the JANUS® G3 Blood iQ workstation will be equipped with:

• Plasma Layer Reformatting
• Buffy Coat Layer Reformatting
• Plasma and Buffy Coat Layer Reformatting

All you need to do is input your desired transfer volumes (or automated image-determined volumes) and click Go!

Integrated Mobile Operations Monitor

We enable true walk-away automation with the PKeye™ mobile operations monitor. This system will:

  • Receive instrument error notification remotely
  • Access recorded videos to review past errors
  • Locally store full run footage for future troubleshooting