JANUS® G3 BioTX Pro Workstations

The JANUS® G3 BioTx automated workstations enable consistent small-scale protein purification and sample prep for analytical protein characterization required to support quality by design experimentation in both upstream and downstream processes. Automating sample prep provides researchers more time to focus on new analytical tests obtaining critical information earlier in the protein development pipeline. Time and labor savings accelerate project workflows and thus, commercialization of protein therapies.

Automate Four Modes of Small-scale Protein Purification on a Single Platform

  • PhyNexus® PhyTips® columns
  • GE® PreDictor plates/ Pall® AcroPrep filter plates
  • OPUS® RoboColumns® Chromatography Columns
  • GE® His GraviTrap columns

Maximize Productivity with Automated Purification Methods

The JANUS® G3 BioTx workstations accommodate column, tip, and batch chromatography modes on one platform. With just one instrument, you can achieve rapid analysis of a range of sample volumes and concentrations to support Quality by Design experimentation in both upstream or downstream processes.

To further maximize productivity PerkinElmer has created the PKeye™ Mobile Operations Monitor, which allows for true walk-away push button protocols through advanced monitoring with integrated cameras. Learn more here.

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

PhyNexus® PhyTips® Columns

  • Purify up to 96 samples in 15 min
  • Column bed sizes from 5-160 μL volumes
  • Achieve high sample binding capacity and purity by passing samples back and forth through column
  • Highly purified products with high concentrations achieved with low elution:bed volume ratio
filter plate

GE® Predictor® Plates/Pall® AcroPrep Filter Plates

  • Rapidly screen binding, wash and elution conditions in 96 well plate formats
  • Use centrifugation or vacuum filtration (optional gripper for full automation)
  • Explore design space to optimize process development using DoE
robo columns

OPUS® RoboColumns® Chromatography Columns

  • Miniaturized column chromatography predictive of process scale-up
  • Purify 96 samples/day or more depending upon load volume
  • 50, 100, 200 and 600 μL bed sizes; variety of resin types
  • Sample volumes from 100 μL up to 48 mL or more
  • Automate sample loading and fraction collection; adjustable height accommodates multiple collection plates

Figure 1. The JANUS® G3 BioTx workstation accommodates (A) PhyNexus® PhyTips® columns, (B) filter plates and (C) OPUS® RoboColumns® Chromatography Columns on one platform. Purification methods include affinity, ion exchange, reverse phase and gel filtration.

Simple to Use Protocols—Designed for the Scientist


Quickly enter experiment variables to easily translate your experimental design.


Easily confirm placement of samples and labware on the workstation deck (top) and view workstation status or setup email confirmation for when process is complete (bottom).


Wizard driven JANUS® G3 application assistant guides preparation and execution of small-scale purification and sample prep

  • Enables true walk-up usability without need for advanced training
  • Flexibility to easily modify purification parameters
biotx workflow

Choose the JANUS® G3 BioTx Pro workstation or the JANUS® G3 BioTx Pro Plus Workstation Depending upon Your Throughput and Capacity Needs

  • Eight tip independent pipetting arm designed for multiple
    protein chromatography applications:
    PhyNexus® PhyTips® columns, GE® Predictor® Plates/Pall®
    AcroPrep filter plates, OPUS® RoboColumns®
    chromatography columns, GE® His GraviTrap columns
  • Flexible control software and wizard driven application assistant
  • Automated fraction collection station with housing for up to 96 small scale columns


  • 12 deck positions
  • Compact footprint
JANUS G3 Workstation


  • 24 deck locations
  • MDT 96-tip head for parallel purification methods
  • Integrated gripper for labware positioning
  • Integrated vacuum manifold

Precision Automated Pipetting with a Wide Dynamic Volume Range:

Pipetting ArmVolume% CVTip/HeadCondition
Varispan5 µL< 2%20 µL disposable tipDistilled water, 500 µL syringe
50 µL< 1%Fixed tipDistilled water, 500 µL syringe
MDT1 µL< 2%I20 disposable tip on I50 96-tip Head1 µL
1 µL< 5%I50 disposable tips on I50 96-tip Head1 µL
5 µL< 1%I50 disposable tips on I50 96-tip Head5 µL
50 µL< 1%I235 disposable tips on I235 96-tip Head50 µL
Microplate Deck Capacity:
JANUS G3 PlatformJANUS® G3 BioTx Pro Workstation ConfigurationJANUS® G3 BioTx Pro Plus Workstation Configuration
Varispan9 platesN/A
Varispan + MDTN/A20 plates
JANUS® G3 Workstations Without an Enclosure
PlatformJANUS G3 BioTx Pro WorkstationJANUS G3 BioTx Pro Plus Workstation
Varispan 8-tipH: 864 mm | 34 in
W: 788 mm | 31 in
D: 838 mm | 33 in
Varispan + MDTN/AH: 1118 mm | 44 in
W: 1499 mm | 59 in
D: 838 mm | 33 in
(Includes space requirements for plate::shuttle)

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