Personalized JANUS® G3 Liquid Handler Workstations

The JANUS® G3 automated workstations include a portfolio of  precision liquid handling solutions that provide adaptability in throughput, plate capacity and dynamic volume range to meet your current and future automation needs.

Both single- or dual-arm workstations are available for sample processing. Optional 4-tip or 8-tip dispensing arms with Varispan technology provide independent variable sample probe spacing for multi-tipped processing of test tubes, microplates, deep well plates, vials, and customized labware. The optional VersaTip sampling tip allows for user-defined capability of sample processing with both washable fixed tips and disposable tips within the same sampling probe without the need for user intervention.

The JANUS® workstation is compatible with a wide range of consumables. From disposable tips to microplates and reagent troughs, we provide high quality consumables to meet your liquid handling needs.

JANUS® G3 liquid handler workstations are available to address varying application workflow requirements

The JANUS G3 Modular Dispense Technology (MDT) workstation offers multi-channel dispensing using proprietary hands-off ‘on the fly’ adaptability in dynamic volume range and microplate densities. The unique MDT NanoHead provides for assay miniaturization for processing volumes as low as 50 nL.

The JANUS® G3 workstations can easily be configured to meet throughput, capacity or dynamic volume range. Every JANUS® G3 workstation can be easily integrated with additional accessories or ancillary instrumentation for complete ‘walk-away’ automation.

Custom JANUS® G3 liquid handler workstations are available with an integrated mobile operations monitor

The PKeye™ mobile operations monitor features multiple integrated on-deck cameras to ensure a true walk-away solution. Uploading video of any errors that occur on-deck to the PKeye™ cloud-based platform, you are free to focus your attention on intellectual contributions to the lab.

Do you require 21CFR Part 11 compatible software for your liquid handler?

We are firmly committed to meeting your needs in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. To assist in your compliance planning, we offer the Enhanced Security Option for the JANUS® G3 workstations which includes access security, data security and verification, and a complete set of audit logging functionality. Learn more.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.