JANUS® G3 Liquid Handling Workstations

The JANUS® G3 automated liquid handling workstations offer flexible automated sample preparation solutions to meet your specific application needs. The JANUS® G3 portfolio includes both dedicated, application-specific workstations and personalized automated solutions. The JANUS® G3 workstation can be configured based on the size of the instrument, pipetting arm technology, labware movement options, and a number of other accessories to fully automate your application. To accommodate your choice of deck size and pipetting arm, we offer four different versions of the JANUS® automated workstation; the JANUS® G3 Mini, Standard, Expanded, and Integrator workstations. These JANUS® G3 workstations offer flexibility in throughput, capacity, and dynamic volume range to meet your needs.

Your Needs Change. Now Your Automated Methods Can Too.

We understand that your needs change. The JANUS® G3 workstation meets those changing needs. Some labs want to be able to modify their existing protocols. Making minor modifications like changing the height of tips or removing lids from a plate can be difficult to impossible with other liquid handling platforms without adding a programmer to your staff or contacting the manufacturer to get changes to your automated methods made.

The software incorporated in the JANUS® G3 workstation makes modifying protocols or even creating them easy. Now your liquid handler can meet the needs of your experiment instead of changing them to meet your programs requirements.

PKeye™ Mobile Operations Monitor

The PKeyeTM mobile operations monitor integrates on-deck cameras with the JANUS® G3 workstation. Through the PKeye™ cloud-based platform, you can monitor your automated liquid handler from an office, conference room, or your own home. This system will notify you of any errors that occur, allowing you to walk away from the workstation and focus your attention on intellectual contributions to the lab.

Modify your automated methods or make new methods. Reduce downtime. Reduce costs. No programming experience needed.

We are firmly committed to meeting your needs in the demanding, ever-changing pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. To assist in your compliance planning, we offer the Enhanced Security Option for the JANUS® G3 workstations. Learn how the 21CFR Part 11 compatible WinPREP® software works seamlessly with the JANUS® G3 workstations providing you the tools that enable you to be Part 11 compliant.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.