FlexDrop™ iQNon-contact Dispenser

Rapid, Precise, & Flexible Dispensing

As researchers aim to maximize the efficiency and reproducibility of their applied genomics and drug discovery workflows, investments in liquid handling automation allow researchers to guarantee the generation of high-quality data with minimal hands-on time. Although traditional liquid handlers require automation expertise in order to properly automate a given workflow, PerkinElmer continues to strive to deliver products that lower the barrier to automation by packaging the benefits of microliter scale liquid transfers in an easy-to-use device that runs from a simplistic touch screen. The Flexdrop™ iQ™ Non-Contact Dispenser provides rapid, precise, and flexible dispensing from up to 96-source positions into 96, 384, or 1536 well plates with a dead volume of less than 1 μL. This platform redefines the user experience around automation providing any laboratory technician with the means to precisely dispense as low as 8 nL with the push of a button.

Generating droplets between 8 nanoliters (nL) and 100s of microliters with positive pressure, the FlexDrop™ iQ™ Non-contact Dispenser utilizes 96 source wells with eight independently controlled channels to dispense up to 100 droplets per second. This advanced system has:

  • A dead volume of less than 1 μL to conserve precious reagents in the context of costly experiments such as NGS or qPCR

  • Built-in droplet verification to guarantee experimental reproducibility

  • The ability to transfer any volume from any source well to any destination well for seamless gradient formation in the context of assay development, optimization, and high-throughput screening

  • SiLA compatible for integration into automated robotic systems

FlexDrop Dispenser
Contact Us to Enable Reaction Miniaturization for Drug Discovery & Genomic Applications
For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Well Plate Time to Dispense 1o nL (seconds)
96 10
384 20
1536 80

FlexDrop Dispenser

Empower Your High-Throughput Genomics With Microdispensing Technology

The FlexDrop™ iQ™ Non-contact Dispenser precisely delivers small volumes of reagents for NGS library construction, drastically reducing cost by eliminating reagent waste and facilitating reaction miniaturization. This instrument is ideal for:

  • Dispensing mastermix, probe and primer dispensing in high-throughput PCR
  • Dispensing beads, buffers and enzymes into medium to high-throughput NGS such as NEXTFLEX® NGS kits

Enhance Your Drug Discovery Process

The FlexDrop™ iQ™ Non-contact Dispenser will greatly reduce the cost and time associated with the drug discovery process. Not only working well with HTRF® and ALPHALISA® kits, this system can be utilized in many vital tasks such as:

  • Gradient dispensing for design of experiments (DOE) workflows in assay development
  • Reagent additions for fluorescent and cell-based assays for high-throughput screening
  • Dispensing compounds to assay plates
  • Transferring libraries of interfering RNA for high throughput screening into assays or library plates
FlexDrop Dispenser
FlexDrop Dispenser

Intuitive & Streamlined Software
The FlexDrop™ iQ™ Non-contact Dispenser incorporates intuitive, streamlined software. Allowing you to import custom CSV files for complex protocols, the software is beginner friendly with no programing knowledge or experience required. For more simple protocols simply list your reagents, assign transfer volumes to wells in your destination plate, and click “run”.

The FlexDrop™ iQ™ Non-contact Dispenser facilitates reaction miniaturization with sub-microliter pipetting. This technology will drastically reduce the total volume of reagents required in many applications such as drug discovery and NGS library workflows and will help reduce your cost by minimizing wasted reagents. Never before has nanoliter scale pipetting been so accessible to anyone regardless of automation experience.

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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.