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LabChip® GXII Touch Protein Characterization System

The LabChip® GXII Touch protein characterization system provides the complete solution for reproducible quantitation, molecular weight sizing and percent purity analysis of protein samples. Leveraging microfluidic electrophoretic separation technology, the LabChip GXII Touch system enables rapid characterization with minimal sample preparation setup and sample input volume.

Versatile Instrument for Protein Analysis & Quantitation

  • Multiple assays available for quantification, molecular weight sizing, purity, charge variants and glycan analysis. With our pre-verified assays, there is no (or little) method development needed.
  • Rapidly determine the molecular weight, concentration and purity of every protein within your sample
  • Optimal for all throughput needs, with run cherry-picking to 96well and 384well high-throughput compatibility
  • Accelerate design space parameters with protein sample analysis from Quality of Design (QbD) and Design and of Experiment (DoE) studies
  • Instrument is applicable throughout the workflow, whether upstream in R&D through Process Development down to final Quality Control.
  • Intuitive touch screen interface with comprehensive analysis using LabChip® GX software enabling “True high-throughput analytics.” Analyze results electropherogram, tabular and virtual gel formats

The platform supports multiple assays for characterizing proteins in reduced and non-reduced samples including:

  • Analyze critical quality attributes in as few as 42 seconds:
  • Titer (concentration and sizing)
  • Purity assessment
  • Aggregation (covalently linked)
  • Stability (degradation / fragmentation analysis)
  • N-Glycan profiling
  • mAb Charge variant / charge heterogeneity
  • mAb impurity analysis (detect minor impurities)
Height69 cm | 27 in
Width51 cm | 20 in
Depth49 cm | 19.5 in
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For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.
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Height: 69 cm | 27 in
Width: 51 cm | 20 in
Depth: 49 cm | 19.5 in

Accurate Sizing, Quantification and Quality Control of Proteins

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