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Upgrade my NGS Call for Entries

Upgrade My NGS – Call for Projects

Last chance to apply! As many researchers asked for more time, we decided to extend the application period until October 15th.

After one year on the road meeting scientists across Europe, PerkinElmer is more aware than ever of the challenges and aspirations of NGS laboratories. As a result, we are now launching the Upgrade my NGS grant to advance innovative use of NGS and open a call for research projects to sponsor. Convince us with your NGS project plan and you may become one of the finalists invited to a seminar in Hamburg, with travel and accommodation sponsored by PerkinElmer. The most impactful project plan will be granted a major lab workflow upgrade – a PerkinElmer NGS workstation.

Let’s break the bottlenecks and take your NGS workflow to the next level!
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Please note that the campaign is limited to specific countries.

Wallac Oy, a PerkinElmer Company (with its affiliates, “PerkinElmer”) is a manufacturer and supplier of instruments and reagents for use in next generation screening and PerkinElmer is interested in providing in-kind support for research in the Field.  PerkinElmer is therefore soliciting proposals (each a “Submission”) for research in the field of next generation sequencing (the “Field”) and anticipates awarding a grant or grants of in-kind support (the “Upgrade My NGS Program”).

These Terms and Conditions apply to the Upgrade My NGS Program.

By making a Submission, the Submitter agrees to and accepts the following Terms and Conditions:

  1. The Submission is made on behalf of an accredited laboratory (the “Submitter”). Submitter i) is established in Ireland, Britain, Scotland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, South Africa, the Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, India, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon, Israel or Ukraine (the “Territory”), ii) has all necessary governmental and institutional licenses and approvals for operation of its laboratory, iii) has all necessary governmental and institutional approvals necessary to make the Submission, iv) has all necessary governmental and institutional approvals necessary to receive an in-kind grant from PerkinElmer, and v) has, or will have before beginning the project, all necessary governmental and institutional approvals necessary to perform the research embodied by the Submission.
  2. All Submissions will be reviewed by a jury of judges selected by PerkinElmer in its exclusive discretion and will be assessed based on whatever criteria PerkinElmer and the jury deem appropriate. If the jury or PerkinElmer determines that no proposal is suitable, no grant will be awarded.
  3. Any grant will be of in-kind PerkinElmer instruments and/or consumables applicable to the Submission for which the grant is made.
  4. The Submitter understands and agrees that any grant will be subject to additional and appropriate documentation. The Submitter understands and agrees that any offer of travel sponsored by PerkinElmer in connection with the Upgrade My NGS Program is subject to submitter and/or Submitter personnel obtaining all required governmental or institutional consents and approvals.
  5. The Submitter further understands and agrees that any grant provided by PerkinElmer is not intended to be an offer or payment made, whether directly or indirectly, to induce the referral of patients or the purchase or order of any item or service or the recommending or arranging for the purchase or order of any item or service.
  6. The Submission becomes the property of PerkinElmer, and PerkinElmer may use the Submission for all lawful purposes.
  7. PerkinElmer and any Submitter receiving a grant shall collaborate to publicize the grant as appropriate, provided that neither PerkinElmer nor Submitter shall make any statement or otherwise publicize such grant given by PerkinElmer to such Submitter without the prior written consent of both PerkinElmer and Submitter.
  8. The Upgrade My NGS program is not being offered and is void where prohibited.

Automated Workflow, Higher Throughput,  & Improved Reproducibility ­­– Just 3 Steps Away!*

Visit the Applied Genomics NGS Workflow page to explore the possibilities of using PerkinElmer NGS solutions.

Submit your project plan describing the scientific challenges you aim to address and how you would utilize PerkinElmer NGS workflow instruments and kits along the way. The submission is open until the 15th of October 2019.

Get rewarded! Up to 20 project plans will be awarded, and up to 5 finalists will be invited to present their project plans in the Upgrade my NGS seminar, organized at the PerkinElmer Center for Excellence in November 2019. The project plan selected by our panel of judges will be eligible for a sponsorship grant to upgrade their lab with a PerkinElmer NGS workflow instrument.


The project plans are reviewed and the top applicants are selected by the advisors, comprised of PerkinElmer directors and NGS experts. During the Upgrade my NGS seminar, finalists will get a chance to present their project proposals to the advisors in person, and the finalist with the most innovative and impactful research project will be announced.

Michelle Fraser


Managing Director

“I am thrilled to be part of the Upgrade my NGS advisory team and I’m looking forward to seeing the exciting research coming out of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.”

Arvind Kothandaraman


Director, NGS Product Portfolio

“I am thrilled about the invitation to be part of the scientific committee tasked to judge proposals from elite applicants. I look forward to novel ideas that have the potential to influence healthcare in a pragmatic and positive manner.”

Melinda Jasper


R&D Director

“I am excited to take part in the Upgrade my NGS program due to its ability to fast-track novel NGS applications.”

Steven Myers


Senior Application Scientist

“I see the Upgrade my NGS program as a great opportunity for NGS labs and researchers to receive a boost in their NGS research capabilities.”

Myriam Guerbaa


Segment Leader, EMEA Genomics

“I am enthusiastic to be part of the advisory team and I see great opportunities to leverage novel NGS workflows with the Upgrade my NGS program.”

Thomas Rawlins


Product Manager, Automation

“In collaborating with researchers who aim to maximize the efficiency and reproducibility of their NGS sample preparation workflow, I am always thrilled to learn more about the various biological questions that our innovative customers ask. As part of the Upgrade my NGS program, I could not be more excited to provide scientists with cutting-edges tools to empower their research.”





LabChip chip



Automated Library Prep


library quality control


*Additional terms and conditions apply.