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explorer G3 Integrated Workstation Enclosures

Choose the system that works best for your specific research needs between a variety of different workstation enclosures available for integration in our custom laboratory automation solutions.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Dust and Safety Enclosure for Laboratory Automation

  • Full enclosure with roof, Plexiglas® doors, and interlocks
  • Interlocks will stop the robot’s movement when the doors are open
Dust and safety enclosure

HEPA Filter and Fan Unit Option for Workstation Enclosures

  • The HEPA filter/fan unit option is built on top of the standard dust enclosure to blow HEPA filtered air into the workstation. This reduces the risk of contamination, especially vital for cellular applications.
  • THE HEPA filter/fan unit reverse option will be built on top of the workstation enclosure as well, and will filter the air going into the room for operator protection.
HEPA filter and fan unit enclosure

Class 100 Enclosure

The class 100 enclosure type is a HEPA filter fan unit option with a increased airflow. This setup provides greater particle reduction within the workstation.

class 100 enclosure type

Biosafety Enclosures for Laboratory Automation

Biosafety enclosures are designed for operator safety as well as product protection. The unit has a central HEPA unit to filter the incoming air and a laminarisator creating laminar airflow over the system devices. On the bottom of the workstation, the air will flow into channels leading to the top of the workstation and exit the workstation through HEPA filters.