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Biodiversity & The Bat

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Genetic Diversity of Bats

With over 1,200 different species, bats represent more than 20% of mammalian biodiversity. As the only mammals capable of sustainable flight, bats show many peculiar and unique characteristics. The importance of understanding the details of bat biology stems from both their environmental influence, since they are essential pollinators and keep the insect population under control, as well as their role as hosts for many zoonotic viruses, such as coronaviruses and hantaviruses. The comparative sequence analysis of different bat species has proven essential in understanding their phylogenetic structure and shed light on how their improved immune system function makes them ideal hosts for pathogenic agents.

  • Insect Population Control
    While birds take care of the majority of flying insects during the day, bats help control the insect population by being the majority to feast on them at night. Many of the pests consumed by bats prevent potential havoc on human agriculture.
  • Pollinators
    From the cacti and agave in the deserts of North America, to the tropical ecosystems of plant-life, these plants all depend on bats to feed on nectar whilst dispersing pollen. This alone makes bats of great worth, both economically and ecologically.
  • Seed Dispersal
    Fruit-eating bats are often referred to as the “farmers of the tropics.” They play a key role in restoring ravaged rainforests due to agriculture and other uses by dispersing seed throughout the disrupted ecosystem.

Simplifying genetic diversity studies

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