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Biodiversity & Frogs

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Frog Population Dwindling at an Alarming Rate

Although frogs have the highest number of species of the amphibians, they are undergoing worrisome mass extinction. Local population crashes and a general decline in the world frog population are seriously endangering the biodiversity of many habitats. The leading causes of this phenomenon are thought to be deforestation, pesticide overuse, and climate changes. However, due to the complexity of the ecological relationships between frogs and their environment, it is commonly accepted that some other unknown causes might play a significant role and the topic is currently the subject of extensive research.

  • Environmental Indicators
    Frogs’ skin is extremely porous and can easily absorb environmental toxins and bacteria. Since they need suitable land and water for survival, these traits make them vulnerable to changes in their habitat, as well as indicators of their environment’s health.

  • Disease Prevention
    A main staple of their diet, frogs feast on insects, including adult mosquitos and their larvae, preventing the spread of diseases such as Malaria, Zika and West Nile viruses, and Dengue fever.

  • Food Chain
    As both predators and prey, frogs play a vital role in the food chain. When young, the tadpoles will consume algae, helping control blooms and preventing contamination in their surrounding pools. Snakes, monkeys, birds, and fish rely on frogs as a key food source, and as frogs begin to disappear, the effects can be felt throughout an entire ecosystem.

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