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Applied Genomics & Biodiversity

PerkinElmer Applied Genomics

A Comprehensive, Applied Genomics Approach to Biodiversity

The world is currently experiencing its sixth mass extinction episode, and scientists estimate it risks losing about 50% of animal species by the end of the century. Unlike other extinction events, the current trend is not due to natural causes but is driven by human activities resulting in habitat destruction, soil and water pollution, and global warming.

Conservation scientists are facing many challenges stemming from a lack of understanding of the biology and ecology of many of the endangered species. It is now widely recognized we don’t know how many animal species exist, what their relationship is between each other, or how they relate with humans. Without this information, it is impossible to draft and implement rational conservation policies that have a real impact on the survival of endangered species.

Applied genomics is finally providing scientists with much-needed information on how species evolved, what their place is in a specific habitat, and what their population dynamics are. With this information, scientists can now understand why certain species are affected more than others by environmental changes and propose coherent countermeasures.

PerkinElmer Applied Genomics is assisting the conservation community with the tools needed to carry on the complex studies required to unravel biodiversity dynamics. From high-throughput liquid handlers for nucleic acid isolation and manipulation, to next-generation sequencing reagents, and QC instrumentation, PerkinElmer Applied Genomics offers everything needed to setup and operate complete genomics workflows. PerkinElmer Applied Genomics takes the opportunity to both celebrate biodiversity and to remind us that inaction is not an option anymore. Since we understand the importance of concrete actions, PerkinElmer pledges to make a donation* to the University of Texas at Austin, Biodiversity Center every time a QR code on our calendar is scanned.

Discover more about the species featured in our 2019 Applied Genomics Calendar, and don’t forget to request a copy of your own!

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UT Biodiversity Center

We want to thank the University of Texas at Austin, Biodiversity Center, for allowing us the opportunity to collaborate with them. If you’re interested in learning more about their program or donating to help save our biodiverse state of Texas, check out their site.