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PepTalk is one of the largest gatherings of protein science researchers in the world. The conference attracts over 1,200 experts from academia, biotech and pharma who come together for one week of intensive learning and networking to discover new opportunities and promising partnerships. This event covers a wide spectrum, from upstream protein R&D science to downstream biologics.


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LabChip® Electrophoresis: A Robust, Sensitive & Intelligent Platform for Bio-Therapeutics Characterization Analysis

To succeed in today’s competitive environment, significant efforts are being made by biopharmaceutical companies to produce recombinant protein products with high yield and more critically high quality to ensure therapeutic protein product safety and efficacy. For protein purity analysis, microfluidic molecular separation offers distinct advantages over traditional capillary electrophoresis in sample consumption, ease of use, and speed of analysis. We use a smart microfluidic platform for high throughput quantitation and quality screening of protein products.


Featured Speaker:

April Blodgett, Biotherapeutics Sales Specialist, PerkinElmer

Committed to the development of new drugs to improve human health, April has been a lab manager and bench scientist for 25 years in drug discovery research, working on antimicrobial conjugate vaccines, novel antibiotics, and broad spectrum antiviral antibodies, in vitro to in vivo. She’s had the pleasure of working in academia, big pharma, and start-up biotech.

Now she enables other drug discovery scientists to do what they do best, accelerating their drug development with PerkinElmer instruments and reagents. In her spare time, she serves as a mentor to up and coming scientists via the MGH Post Doc program, UNH Pathways, and/or the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association. She is an advocate for networking, the Association of Women in Science, and MassBio.

Monday, January 14th, 11:15-11:45am

Hilton San Diego Bayfront, San Diego, CA


Poster Session

PerkinElmer’s Protein EXact™ Assay for High-throughput, High-precision Protein Quantitation