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BMSIARC is BMS’s longest running analytical science focused symposium. This event provides a unique opportunity to gain un-paralleled access to BMS scientists, managers, and decision makers. Scientists will come together to discuss, present and share analytical information and learn about the newest innovations from suppliers.


PerkinElmer Sponsored Lunch & Learn:


Thursday, September 19th

12:05 – 12:50pm

PerkinElmer High Throughput Plate Reader and Microfluidic Platforms for Broad Range Biotherapeutic Screening and Quality Control

As the premier provider of complete, integrated solutions for biotherapeutic screening and QC, PerkinElmer is streamlining biotherapeutic workflows. Working independently or as integrated platforms, our liquid handlers, plate readers, microfluidics, assays and reagents deliver consistent, accurate and relevant results. Here, we present our integrated workflow for biotherapeutic screening that includes the Janus® automated liquid handler, VICTOR Nivo®, EnSight® and Envision® multimode plate readers and LabChip® GX II TouchTM HT protein characterization system.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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