Automate Cannabis Testing Webinar

Improve the Efficiency of Your Cannabis Lab with Automation | Don’t miss our on-demand webinar, Improve the Efficiency of Your Cannabis Lab with Automation. In this webinar you will learn how to automate the Cannabis potency analysis, pesticide analysis, mycotoxin and microbial testing sample prep methods used in the cannabis and hemp industry.

Anandia leverages the JANUS® Workstation to Improve the Efficiency of their Cannabis Testing!

JANUS® Workstation Improving the Efficiency of Cannabis Testing | The JANUS® G3 liquid handling workstation, known for its’ flexible automated sample preparation solutions, has found a new home in Anandia’s new lab in Vancouver, where it “does a lot of heavy lifting” automating their primary sample transfer and sample setup for the analysis of contaminates, such as mold spores and pesticides, in Cannabis.