Quantification of In Vivo Target Engagement

Using Microfluidic Activity-Based Protein Profiling | A recent study published in SLAS Technologies by Reardon, H. T., et al., used activity-based protein profiling (ABPP) to accurately measure drug–target interactions in vivo. The authors needed to accelerate the ABPP workflows and avoid imaging artifacts which make conventional gels challenging to quantify.

July 3rd, 2019|Categories: Drug Discovery, Protein Characterization|

Perspectives on Small RNA Sequencing

Challenges and Complications of Small RNA Library Prep | This webinar will address a range of methods for optimizing small RNA library preparation. Anitha Jayaprakash, co-founder of T-cell receptor sequencing firm Girihlet, will provide her perspectives on sequencing small RNAs and its utility in the study of various applications...

June 26th, 2019|Categories: NGS|

Soil Metagenomics

Comprehensive Workflow for Soil Metagenomics Analysis Using Shotgun Sequencing | This webinar will discuss a comprehensive end-to-end workflow for soil metagenomic shotgun sequencing that offers an unbiased alternative to amplicon-based approaches to assess the composition of culture-free microbial communities and predict functional profiles...

May 22nd, 2019|Categories: Metagenomics, NGS|

Managing the Risks of CRISPR

Managing the Risks of CRISPR | The use of CRISPR/Cas9 to edit the eukaryotic genome is having a dramatic impact on virtually every field of biotechnology, from crop science to tumor biology (1). The two key features that set this genome modification system apart from other genomic tools are its efficiency and specificity. However, recent articles...

April 29th, 2019|Categories: CRISPR|