Simplifying HIV Variant Tracking with Low Throughput Automation

“Lab A” is an epidemiology lab tracking variants of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). They collect samples from approximately 16 people a day, amplify the whole viral genome with specific primers and the amplicons obtained are sequenced. An amplicon-based approach for whole genome sequencing (WGS) facilitates the analysis of complete viral genomes allowing the identification of new and existing variants. This analysis is used for tracking, establishing transmission routes, and outbreak control.

Reduction in Hands-on Time

“Lab A” was constructing DNA-seq libraries manually; however, this was adding strain to their researchers that needed to be alleviated. “Lab A” is now leveraging the BioQule™ NGS System with NEXTFLEX® DNA-seq library preparation kits to reduce their workload. The BioQule™ NGS System is a complete solution combining automation, reagents, consumables, and scripts, enabling walkaway automation of both library prep and quantitation of low-throughput workflows. This low-cost, benchtop solution delivers NEXTFLEX® DNA-seq libraries ready to load onto your sequencer with only 15 minutes of hands-on time.

The ability to automate both the library prep and quantitation is important to the lab. This further reduces their hands-on time. This 80% reduction in hands-on time, frees up the epidemiologists’ time allowing them to focus on more important matters.


Price was also a factor in “Lab A’s” decision. The lab did not have the money to make the large capital investment typical of larger liquid handlers nor the throughput to make the investment economical. The identification of HIV variants is time sensitive. With only 16 samples being collected daily, time constraints do not allow the lab to collect enough samples to make traditional library prep automation cost effective.

Enabling Epidemiology Studies with Low Throughput Library Prep Automation

With an 80% reduction in hands-on time, combined library prep and quantitation, and an economical solution to low throughput DNA-seq automation, the BioQule™ NGS System is enabling epidemiology studies and freeing up the epidemiologists’ time.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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