December 7th, 2022  |  Sean Banks, Director, Business Development at Psomagen

Can you tell us about single cell RNA-seq and other genomic services Psomagen is offering?

Psomagen, Inc is a fully operational, end-to-end multiomics service provider. Our specialties include comprehensive offering of Next Generation Sequencing such as WGS, WES, RNASeq, metagenomics, epigenomics, Sanger sequencing, and both RUO & CLIA/CAP NGS, as well as microarray interrogation, proteomic biomarker discovery, and bioinformatics. We also provide direct to consumer services regarding gut microbiome, women’s health and genetic traits analysis.

With regards to single cell capabilities, we are a 10x Genomics Certified Service Provider, offering a comprehensive menu of their offerings. Psomagen also offers processing of the HoneyComb Biotechnologies HIVE single cell RNA sequencing technology, with associated data analysis

How do you see the HIVE™ scRNAseq solution complementing your other single cell analysis services?

One of the keys to a successful single cell sequencing project or program is the use of viable cells from locations far and wide. While some other technologies have started to address these needs the HIVE scRNAseq solution has always facilitated collections of single cells during extended time collection periods and storage of these cells prior to processing from multiple collection points.

How does the HIVE™ scRNAseq solution’s integrated storage solutions integrate into your lab’s workflows?

We have a large variety of clients whose projects range from initial discovery to clinical sample elucidation. As such many of these clients have partnerships throughout the world. The storage solutions provided with the HIVE technology support these relationships by providing a platform where samples can be collected, stored, and shipped all while maintaining high levels of quality and data output. This in turn allows our lab to schedule and execute single cell sequencing in an efficient manner while preserving the precious sample insights.

Who are your primary customers for your single cell services?

As a service partner our clients vary as greatly as do the nature of the research or clinical investigational questions. As such, our client base expands to all areas of the field from independent academics, researchers, university systems and core labs through to biotech and pharmaceutical companies. We also provide support and services to government agencies and various consortiums.

It is also important to note that our client base ranges from those who are brand new to single cell sequencing, to the partners with a great amount of knowledge into the methodologies and integration of single cell data into a comprehensive biological evaluation (multiomics).

How do labs who are interested in Psomagen’s single cell RNA sequencing solutions get more information?

Given the very specific nature of individual investigations, at times large amount or scoping and project planning is required. These types of endeavors tend to be very consultative in nature. With regards to that anyone looking for more information can reach out directly to me at the following email address [email protected]. I am very happy to act as a central contact and also steer potential clients to our incredibly knowledgeable sales team, and technical staff.

As an alternative anyone can request more information by completing an inquiry at:

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