This workshop, hosted by PerkinElmer, explores innovative, reliable workflows developed to propel the efficiency of your genomics-based agricultural research workflows.

Featured Speakers:

Revolution Thru Automation

Covers a four-year journey from zero automation to full automating of all library preparation, and then taking that to the next level moving from a 96 well format to 384 with full miniaturization for both DNA and RNA preps.

Expanding the Reach of Single-Cell Profiling with the HIVE™ scRNAseq Solution

The HIVE™ collector is a portable, handheld, single-use device that enables gentle capture, robust storage, and easy processing for the analysis of single-cell samples. With no specialized instrumentation required, the HIVE™ scRNAseq solution is ideal for the recovery of fragile cells, loading of large sample volumes, and efficient processing of numerous samples in parallel.

High-throughput Sample Prep Solution for DNA Extraction from Various Seed Matrices

Discusses a sample preparation method for large seeds that allows samples to be processed in a buffer, which results in high quality and quantity DNA. This method can prepare samples with a high degree of throughput and is compatible with automated DNA extractions.

Crisprclean™: The in-Vitro Use of CRISPR CAS Applied to Next Generation Sequencing

Data in this presentation will show how negative selection from NGS libraries, improves sensitivity, and reduces cost of NGS sequencing. Applications presented will include soil-based metagenomics, high throughput genotyping and targeted sequencing of row crops, gene expression of low sample input microbial biofilms, as well as gene annotation in reference genomes of higher order primates.

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