Nucleic acid extraction lies at the beginning of almost every molecular biology-based workflow. Although the principle behind it is simple, when done poorly, it can have a significant impact on final experimental results. If working with patient samples, maintaining sample integrity becomes even more essential and reliable results are paramount to ensuring a fast and accurate diagnosis.

Automation in nucleic acid extraction not only reduces hands-on time but eliminates sample variations due to human error, increasing the reliability and efficiency of clinical molecular workflows. However, issues may arise when implementing automation across diverse samples types such as plasma, blood, urine, saliva, feces, swabs etc.

In this webinar, we go over the seven deadly sins of nucleic acid extraction and how automation (when done right) can help to address them. Understand the technology behind magnetic bead-based nucleic acid isolation (including the difference between chemagic™ M-PVA beads and conventional beads), and their advantages over silica column-based and DNA/RNA precipitation methods. Learn about what to look out for when choosing an automated nucleic acid extraction system and understand the key needs specific to each laboratory before committing to an automated nucleic acid extraction platform.

Also, see an automated nucleic acid isolation instrument live in action as we showcase the chemagic™ Prime™ Junior-D instrument* for fully automated sample preparation to downstream assay setup. Novel data from this newly CE-IVD* marked instrument for pathogen (HSV, SARS-CoV-2, bacterial) and genetic (cfDNA) testing workflows will also be shared.

Webinar Learning Objectives:

  • Avoid the 7 deadly sins of DNA/RNA extractions
  • How automation addresses challenges in medium to high throughput sample preparation from diverse human matrices
  • Key issues to address when setting up or choosing an automated workflow for your lab
  • See how automation with the chemagic™ Prime™ Junior-D instrument is being performed for pathogen/genetic testing

Link to webinar: https://event.on24.com/wcc/r/3374278/0B2F922582A99816308768E28CD75576/2831673

For more information on PerkinElmer’s nucleic acid isolation technology, visit www.chemagen.com


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