A High-throughput Biobanking Workflow Solution

The increased acceptance and implementation of precision medicine, direct to consumer genomics and applications such as regenerative medicine have driven the need and adoption for the storage of primary samples and the isolation and storage of high quality, high molecular weight nucleic acid. One reason for primary sample and nucleic acid storage is the value of the information held within the sample.

The application of sequencing technologies to research and clinical settings has increased dramatically, generating vast amounts of data about variations in our genomes that could explain some differences in disease susceptibility, progression and how patients react to drugs. The move towards precision medicine and immune modulation therapy development both requiring sequencing in the treatment workflow drive the demand for faster processing, storage and data sample management techniques.

Efficient and effective storage ensuring sample integrity is of the utmost importance; retention of sample information with the associated phenotype insight can provide a wealth of genetic and environmental information that can be unlocked in an attempt to better understand disease and health. In this workshop we explore industry collaborations to provide a solution to the increased need for efficient sample management and nucleic acid extraction that meet today’s increased requirement for higher throughput full workflow solution.

Learning Objectives:

  • Why preserving sample integrity through automated cold chain sample management is vital for sample viability and throughput efficiency
  • High-throughput nucleic acid extraction workflow technology advancements
  • Quantification and nucleic acid normalization techniques
  • The importance of high quality nucleic acid extraction
  • Example case study workflows of automated sample management and nucleic acid extraction workflows and the importance to future precision medicine treatments

Dr. Andrew Brooks was the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Scientific Officer of Infinity BiologiX, LLC, now known as Sampled. Dr. Brooks formerly served as Chief Operating Officer and Director of Technology Development of RUCDR Infinite Biologics, one of the world’s largest academic biorepositories and a leader in biobanking, bioprocessing, and analytics.

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