Small RNA Molecular Profiling: A Promising Approach for Drug Discovery and Companion Diagnostics

This webinar provides an educational background on molecular profiling using small RNA analytics.

The future of medicine is one of precision; targeting molecular pathways with the right therapy for the right patient at the right time. The industry has moved on from analyzing DNA alone and now exploring the other 98% of data locked within the genome. While DNA information is static, RNA information is dynamic: in a healthy organism, RNA acts as a “switch,” turning on and off in certain cells at certain times. When the wrong switches get turned on or off at the wrong time, this can lead to disease.

In this webinar, Dr. David W. Salzman of Gatehouse Bio describes an approach for identifying small RNA signatures using their sRNAlytics platform. Small RNA signatures serve as effective classifiers used to define molecular profiles of subtypes of disease across therapeutic areas.

Dr. Salzman also discusses how Gatehouse Bio is using this analysis to develop next-gen therapeutics by combining small RNA powered molecular profiling with new delivery mechanisms and advanced compounds. They have partnered with biobanks, academic research institutes, and drug developers to build an ecosystem that is focused on realizing their vision.

Webinar Small RNA

Dr. Salzman has more than 17 years of experience in the sRNA field in academia as well as industry and has been at the forefront of monoclonal antibody creation for multiple miRNA targets that are used in pharmacodynamic biomarker assays today.

He is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Gatehouse Bio, a bio-data company developing next generation therapeutics, addressing challenges that are holding back progress towards the industry’s vision of precision medicine.

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