Challenges and Complications of Small RNA Library Prep

This webinar will address a range of methods for optimizing small RNA library preparation.

Anitha Jayaprakash, co-founder of T-cell receptor sequencing firm Girihlet, will provide her perspectives on sequencing small RNAs and its utility in the study of various applications, including miRNA profiling in various systems and other small RNAs such as piRNAs in the germline.

Dr. Jayaprakash will discuss challenges and complications that can occur during small RNA-seq library prep and ways to avoid them. She will review the various steps in small RNA-seq library construction and discuss how protocol optimization can improve results and increase user friendliness. She will also discuss the 4N sequencing method, which uses randomized adapters to reduce the ligation bias associated with small RNA sequencing.

For research use only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.